We give ANY student a free website plus coaching services. For ourĀ clients we can offer a range of business startup packages that our students will provide.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your basic options

We can start with just a web site or a logo. Students will complete tasks such as transcriptions, graphic design

How does this all work?

Small projects are passed to students based on the student’s skillset. For large packages / projects, we will either assign a student project manager or a full time Project Manager who we employ directly. You will always have a single point of contact for any special requests or queries.

Who pays who?

Simply put, you pay us, we pay students. We operate as a not for profit company, however like any company we have overheads. That said, our aim with future developments is to provide the students with 100% of your fee i.e. we do not need overheads covered by your fee. We are very close to this already!

If I find a student can I hire them?

For sure! We work with Rent-a-Student, they have over 140,000 students worldwide (most in Africa). If you find that gem who fits the bill and does great work, make them an offer and donate to Rent-a-Student!

Taylor Made Package - how does it Work

We offer a whole host of services. Some of our services you may want, some you may not (logo design). The Taylor Made package is 50 hours of whatever work you require. Off course we can extend this if required. Please contact us should you wish to discuss further.

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